CareFamily is a comprehensive platform and support system for privately employed caregivers, Easy for seniors, caregivers, and partners!

  1. Connect With A Care Coach

Families seeking senior care can register in just minutes, then connect with a local partner to help navigate care solutions, and become matched with a self-directed caregiver.

Review local caregivers online
  • Instant call with a Care coach now to start the process
  • Complete the quick registration and a Care coach or local partner will contact you within 24 hours
  • Complete a brief summary of care and task needs to begin the matching process
  • If you already have a caregiver just have them enroll under the, "I'm A Caregiver", tab
  1. Meet Handpicked Caregivers

A local partner will help facilitate your needs, and identify the best match to your care requirments.

Find the caregiver for you

The Care Coach and local partner will find the best matched caregivers based on your needs

  • Connect you with carefully chosen caregivers
  • Coordinate times to meet the caregivers, around your schedule
  • Guide you through the hiring process
  • Help move your current caregiver over to the CareFamily platform for real-time care reporting and compliance
  1. Hire your Caregiver

CareFamily provides payroll services, and makes tax payments on your behalf with an IRS compliant tax management service.

Hire your caregiver

CareFamily experts make it easy and affordable to hire your own caregiver

  • Telephony system for caregiver to record attendance and care notes.
  • Guide you through the hiring process
  • Provide weekly automated invoicing, payment, and payroll solutions
  • Manage payroll tax payments
  • Provide end of the year tax documents and support
  • Real-time caregiver monitoring

Online tools for caregiver management

  • Dashboard
  • Scheduling
  • Medication and appointment reminders
  • Real-time caregiver monitoring
  • Caregiver notes and communication tools
  • Secure storage of health care documents
  • Connection with a local partner

For Help or More Information, Call (877) 444-4112

Technology Platform to Support Caregiver Management

CareFamily’s state-of-the-art online interface empowers family members anywhere to be involved in the day-to-day care of their loved one.

  • real-time caregiver monitoring
  • long term care insurance billing
  • automated reminder calls
  • easy weekly invoice approval and pay
  • online scheduling
  • secure messaging